The online poker site RedKings has decided to permanently close its doors to poker enthusiasts on April 28th. Active for 13 years, the operator has just announced the news on its website without giving any further explanations.

Ongoing changes

According to a statement released by the operator, two of the products on RedKings including poker and sports betting will no longer be accessible. After 13 years of activity, the online poker site says stop by expressing its regrets to Internet users. Consequently, players located in France will no longer have access to the Room. However, RedKings will continue its online gaming business under the casino gaming section. Something to delight fans of the RedKings casino by always having the possibility of using their account using the same connection indications. Therefore, player accounts will not change and will always be vacant. According to the information gathered, RedKings has decided to migrate its bettors to BetSafe giving the main concerned a period of a few days, ie until April 28 to complete their bonuses.

It must be said that the Swedish company has decided to accept to take up the offers. In order to take advantage of this, simply create a BetSafe account through PokerNews and receive a welcome bonus of up to € 100. Moreover, the player will be able to choose from five bonuses available from € 25 to € 1,000. So, there are only three weeks left to remove the existing bonuses and settle all outstanding bets by April 24th.

This closing comes at the same time as the UCOP or Universal Championship of Poker series which will be held on April 14th to 29th. The event features at least 61 tournaments worth from 3.30 to 320 € and prizes of up to 500,000 €. RedKings has not given any details on its decision to close its poker and sports betting room. Taking into account the various offers available on the market, the operator had only the choice to focus its services on casino games. It must be said that operators in the sector are increasingly starting to diversify their products. In recent years, online poker has lost its momentum accumulating less income than online slots. And statistics prove it, encouraging operators to offer other alternatives in order to attract as many players as possible.

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